Anticipation grows for Destiny as Bungie release first details

Bungie has unveiled the first details of its follow up to the mega successful Halo series, Destiny, at E3.

Bungie prepares for its Destiny

Destiny will be Bungies first new project since Halo and will shape the future of the company. They will be aiming to shake the tag of “former Halo developers” with a new series that is being planned with sequels in mind.


Destiny is a shooter based in a “mythic science fiction” open world setting. The game will be an always online multiplayer FPS action game but Bungie have distanced itself from proclaiming it a MMO shooter.

First glimpse shows seamless online interaction

We had an opportunity to see the game in action for the first time at E3 as playable game footage was on display. It featured a three-man co-op group exploring and ancient ruin in a futuristic Earth setting.

Further into the footage we got a glimpse of one of the most anticipated features of the game. As the group emerged from the ancient ruin, they entered what is known as an in game “public area” . A spaceship arrives as new enemies along with new players are brought into the game seamlessly.

Everything was instant and with no loading times or break in play , what was initialy a co-op experience became a public one.


Bungies promises more options than ever before as “choice” becomes an integral part of Destiny

Bungie have been forthright in their beliefs that player choice will be the next evolution in first person shooters. There will be no main “Master Chief” like character in Destiny which will allow you to have a fully customisable character with different weapons and gameplay characteristics.

The three character classes shown at E3 included the Titan, the Warlock and the Hunter which all feature a unique backstory and gameplay capabilities.

The game itself indeed can be played in a number of ways up to the players choosing, whether co-op, open world or MMO. This may be nothing new in its own but the fact this can all be done in-game and seamlessly is something that has never been done on a home console before.


Destiny set to be released in 2014

The game is set to be the first of a multi-part series. This is the biggest release ever from Bungie with the longest of development times being dedicated to a release that is set to shape the future of the company.

It is set to be available sometime in 2014.

Published: Saturday, June 15th, 2013 Last Modified: June 15, 2013

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