Answer Doorbells From Windows 10 Desktop With Ring App

Technology has given us an amazing amount of tools to keep us safe, secure, and keep us living longer. Staying safe at ones home and monitoring one’s home is important as well, and now Ring has brought their Ring app to Windows 10 users.

Ring is a product that puts together a digital doorbell at your home, and lets users view the person ringing their doorbell. It’s been available for iOS and Android mobile devices, and is now available on Windows 10.

Ring Video Doorbell App Comes To Windows 10 Devices

Ring App Features

With the Ring app, homeowners can view who is ringing their doorbell without getting off their computers or Windows 10 Mobile devices. The app now includes their Pro subscription services and a Live View mode.

The new service has been introduced into the Windows 10 app, and that brings advanced features and custom viewing angles to Windows 10 users. Additionally, the Live View mode brings live viewing of their doors to users with hardwired Ring devices.

Monitor You Home With Ring's Video Doorbell App On Windows 10

How It Works

What makes this app shine is the Ring Video Doorbell, and that is quite a bit of tech in itself. It connects to your Wi-Fi at home, and streams live video and audio to your mobile and Windows 10 devices.

Users can chat with visitors from their Windows 10 devices, and that means that you can you can do this from a home office, from the road, or even the office. Keeping your home safe with the Ring Video Doorbell has never been easier than with this Windows 10 app.

The Ring Video Doorbell does run $199, but is a great addition to any home. The app though is free, and available from the Windows Store.


Published: Thursday, May 19th, 2016 Last Modified: May 19, 2016

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