Another Extremely Cool Sci-Fi Theme For Rainmeter By tibin

Final Rainmeter Sci Fi Skin_thumb We’re on the lookout for the coolest Sci-Fi themes – and one that certainly stands out from the crowd is the following one created by DeviantArt user tibin. (We created a little skin for this as well)

Install This Rainmeter Skin

1. Step Head over to to download this cool Rainmeter theme. Because we’re fans of Planetside 2 we also created a horizontal bar with a matching color for this clock:

2. Step If you have successfully installed Rainmeter you should automatically get a popup asking you to install the skin when double-clicking the file sci_fi_them_for_rainmeter.rmskin and the Planetside 2 Bar _1.1.rmskin

Installing Sci Fi Theme For Rainmeter

3. Step If you want to make sure the horizontal bar is BEHIND other Rainmeter skins, so you can put other skins on top, then do this:

Horizontal Bar Position Bottom

4. Step This is a preview of what your desktop could look like.

Final Rainmeter Sci Fi Skin Small

5. Step For the other skins, please read our tutorial on how to combine skins for the ultimate Sci-Fi desktop

6. Step Let us see your own creations! Send them to [email protected] or post them below using IMG tags

Published: Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 Last Modified: December 23, 2012

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