Animated Space Wallpaper

Are you fascinated by the pictures Hubble and Keplar are bringing to us Earthlings? If so, you probably already download the free Windows 7 Space Theme. But, what about an animated Space Wallpaper?

Animated Space Wallpaper

Tip: To Get This To Work You Need To Enable Dreamscenes First

1. Step Read the tutorial How to enable Dreamscene in Windows 7. Then you will learn how to use animated Wallpapers on Windows 7. It’s really easy, simply follow the instructions.

Download The Space Wallpaper

filipe-ps, who also created the animated MAC wallpaper, created an animated space wallpaper – a very cool animation of cosmic light for your desktop! His creations are really some of the best and are much appreciated.

2. Step Then after following step 1 Download the animated Space Wallpaper

3. Step Extract the Space wallpaper.

4. Step Right-click on the file “Cosmic Lights.wmv” and click on “Set as Desktop Background”:

5. Step Enjoy the animated Space Wallpaper. Here’s an example:

Animated Space Background Wallpaper

Published: Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 Last Modified: February 5, 2014

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