Animated MAC Wallpaper for Windows 7

Do you like the design of MAC OS X? The Snow Leopard design is very impressive. Get this free animated MAC Wallpaper for Windows 7 to create the ultimate Windows 7 MAC Theme !

Animated MAC Wallpaper for Windows 7

filipe-ps, a DA member, created a nice animated MAC wallpaper for Windows 7. Before you can use the animated MAC wallpaper, you’ll first have to enable DreamScene – a Windows Vista feature that allows you to set WMV files as your background. So, basically you set a movie file with a loop as your desktop background that will only run when you’re on the desktop.

1. Step Read the tutorial How to enable Dreamscene in Windows 7. You will learn how to install animated wallpaper in Windows 7 and set .WMV files as your desktop background.

Short description how to enable Animated wallpapers in Windows 7:
Download Installer or DreamScene files
Follow the instructions

2. Step Download the animated MAC Wallpaper

3. Step Extract the MAC wallpaper somewhere and open that folder.

4. Step Right-click on the file “Leopard Aurora.wmv” and click on “Set as Desktop Background”:

Use Animated MAC Wallpaper

5. Step Enjoy the animated MAC Wallpaper. Here’s what it could look like on your desktop:

Animated MAC Wallpaper

(Image: MAC Wallaper, VW Start Button and World Clock Gadget for Windows 7)

6. StepGet our Windows 7 MAC theme and create the ultimate MAC theme for Windows 7!

Published: Monday, April 19th, 2010 Last Modified: April 19, 2010

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