Angry Birds: Star Wars Release Date This November (8th)

Ll_angrybirds Star Wars 150Pxp2 Angry Birds and Star Wars will come together to launch a game themed on the sci-fi series, Rovio announced recently.

Alongside the game will be toys and merchandise pushing the partnership, perhaps an unexpected avenue for fans.

In a not-so-distant future, the Star Wars and Angry Birds universes combine to release a new game with bird-sized Star Wars characters

A teaser trailer released initially, showing the silhouette of a bird activating and deactivating a lightsaber. A new trailer (below) reveals a November 8 release date, though doesn’t show how the game plays.

What is known, however, is that the original trilogy will be the inspiration. A promotional poster revealed birds turn into key characters from the series, like Red Bird becoming Luke Skywalker and the pigs becoming Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Birds will also play multiple characters, like Red Bird being an X-Wing pilot. Luke Skywalker’s assault on the Death Star doesn’t really revolve around a planet, though conveniently the Death Star is planet-sized.

Rovio hasn’t confirmed how the game will play, but Angry Birds Space may serve as inspiration. It is confirmed planets Tatooine and Hoth appear, so using the gravitational pull of planets like in Angry Birds Space seems logical.

Lucasfilm Ltd Vice President of Product Marketing Paul Southern said the birds are not impersonating Star Wars characters but are new characters.

Judging from Rovio’s past the collaboration may not be a surprise: it worked with NASA for Angry Birds Space and Twentieth Century Fox for Angry Birds Rio. In the film Rio angry birds did make a cameo appearance.


John Williams’ Star Wars score features in the game, and Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Andrew Stalbow revealed fun and magical music (his words) will be included. Meshing the Angry Birds and Star Wars themes could prove a total disaster, though perhaps Rovio will just let the classic theme open the game.

Probably unsurprisingly, toys and clothing will launch a week before the game. Rovio has earned $25 million through merchandise thus far, sure to be propelled when Angry Birds Star Wars launches. Toys include a Jenga Death Star, a bird Figure Pack of birds, and human costumes of the birds.

Rovio also recently released Bad Piggies, currently second on iOS’ App Store.

Angry Birds Star Wars releases November 8.

Published: Thursday, October 11th, 2012 Last Modified: October 11, 2012

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