Angry Birds Space Might Come To Windows 8, But Not To Windows Phone 7

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Unfortunately for all Windows Phone 7 users, Angry Birds Space won’t be released on it. However, according to Rovio it’s possible that Angry Birds will come to Windows 8

Rovio’s billion-dollar franchise isn’t coming to Windows Phone 7, but could be arriving on Window 8

The release of Angry Birds Space marks the first full-fledged sequel since the hit title launched and transformed the we-develop-games-but-we’re-not-a-game-company, Rovio, into a billion-dollar company. As Angry Birds Space launches on iOS devices this week, Rovio shares mixed news on the game for Microsoft fans.

Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of Rovio, said that porting the app over would require the company to “completely rewrite the application.” That’s despite the original Angry Birds being the number one app on Windows Phone 7. Vesterbacka also said “we have to consider the cost” of supporting smaller platforms.

The strategy, as speculated by ZDNet, may be one other developers are following: skipping Windows Phone 7, but developing for Windows 8. Microsoft’s newest version of the operating system threatens to be a hit on PCs and tablets, with the Metro UI highlighting the important content and allowing games (and apps in general) to be highlighted on the Store.

As Microsoft recently demonstrated, and as we reported yesterday, the company believes bringing over apps from the iPad to Windows 8 tablets isn’t that hard as they essentially function in the same way. Therefore it shouldn’t be too hard for Angry Birds to come to Windows 8, something Rovio hasn’t ruled out.

Metro apps also have similar code to Windows Phone 7, so it could be that developers test out the app on Windows 8 first and the bring it over to Windows Phone 7 at a similar date.

Windows 8 also has the advantage of having a huge install base from launch, so developers will be on board.

Microsoft shows off iOS apps in Metro

Microsoft showed off on their blog how iOS apps could be brought over to Windows 8, which surprisingly looked very similar. Microsoft said the advantage of Metro apps was that they focused more on the content, with interface elements such as the taskbar at the top being removed. Metro apps are also designed to show more content – Microsoft showed off an app called Photo Journal, showing multiple photos at once whereas the iPad app showed one.

Windows 8 is set to launch later this year.

Published: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 23, 2012

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