Android Might Be Coming To Windows Soon

As Microsoft continually looks to make Windows more attractive to users around the globe, the news on Wednesday about Android and Windows came as a surprise. News came out about how Microsoft is considering Android apps inside the stores, and could make the marketplace more vital.

Microsoft currently makes a strong revenue stream from Android devices, so making Android apps on the Windows Store could increase that by a large amount. These are still early rumors, but with Microsoft currently strongly considering this, it could happen with Windows 9.

Microsoft Could Allow Android Apps In Windows 9

Can Android Run In Windows?

Android apps can somewhat be run within Windows, but not in a clearcut way. It requires apps like BlueStacks and other apps to run the Android apps. While the Windows and Microsoft ecosystem currently have a ton of apps available, opening them up to Android could bring in a lot more developers to the marketplace.

Other device companies have come up with dual-booting laptops that bridge Android and Windows, but these are seen as more experimental than real-life. It in theory could be a virtualized environment for Android apps to run in Windows, but again opens up Windows to all new potentials with future releases ahead.

Blue Stacks Seen As Possible Windows & Android Tool For Microsoft

The Nokia Angle

One of the biggest side stories of Microsoft considering Android on their Windows and Windows Phone systems is Nokia. Rumors have circulated that Nokia is considering an Android phone as early as next month, and this could open up Android on mobile Windows Phones. Nokia brings a lot of engineers and hardware makers to the party with this idea of an Android phone.

Of course, then Nokia could disrupt the Windows ecosystem as well. Windows is an operating system that for the most part has been the same for 20+ years, and the Windows Phone operating system is still a fragile and new phone OS. Nokia could either make Android succeed or fail with Windows Phone. It’s a rather new and bold move by Microsoft to consider Android within Windows, but it could make Windows 9 a radically different system for all to use in 2015.

I’m wary of this Android and Windows mixture. I like Android but don’t see it as a mainstream desktop tool, but for mobile could make Windows Phone succeed more globally.

Published: Friday, February 14th, 2014 Last Modified: February 14, 2014

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