Android Apps Seen To Be Usable on Windows Phones Soon

Microsoft is expected to make a lot of announcements during its upcoming Build show in San Francisco, and it will cover everything from the desktop, enterprise, and mobile. One of the more radical ideas was discovered late Tuesday, and it might mean Android and Windows Phones might get along better.

The news circles around speculation that Microsoft will announce that Android Apps can run on Windows 10 devices. These devices include phones, tablets, and PCs. This could open the Windows 10 market to a lot of new apps, and could court a new set of developers to Windows 10 via Android.

Microsoft Seen To Court Android On Windows 10 At Build Show

Why Android On Windows 10?

The big question this week, if these rumors are true, is why would Microsoft allow Android apps to run on Windows 10 devices. Microsoft might be seeing this as a new market of apps to give Windows 10 users, and that Android market is a vast market. Just a search on Google’s Play store shows the numbers.

This transition would also spark a major culture shock for many who develop apps and programs for Windows. Android traditionally has its own set of apps, programmers, and programming languages, and merging them with Windows could rattle some cages. It could also create a grand spectacle of programmers to come as well.

Microsoft Looking To Bring Android To Windows Tablet Market

Android Apps Could Spur Windows Phone Sales

One thing that many wonder about as well, is the Android app market on Windows Phones. Windows Phones in the US have been lackluster, and getting a number of Android apps on those phones could help grow Windows Phone sales. Windows Phone’s major complaint has been lack of apps, and Android could give them those apps.

But, Android on the desktop for Windows 10 could be something entirely different for many. Android has not been a desktop operating system, and even Google runs Chrome as a desktop replacement versus Android. But, maybe with Microsoft courting the change, we could see a new spark for Android on the desktop and tablet.

Build will certainly be an interesting show. Android on Windows could be a number one highlight for sure, stay tuned.

Published: Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 Last Modified: April 29, 2015

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