Analysts Predict 2013 Windows 8 Release Date

Find out what industry analysts have to say about a possible Windows 8 release date and when we might official release date news after the break.
Windows 8 2013

According to recent predictions made by analysts at Directions On Microsoft, the new version of Windows might be farther away than we realized. According to them, it might be coming in around the year 2013 instead of next year like many of us were hoping it would.

Windows 8 Test Version Out Now – Actual Release in 2013?

Analyst Michael Cherry talked about Microsoft’s future moves last week and the talk included him speculating about the roadmap that Windows might be taking in the coming quarters.

He reiterated the fact that most of the OEM’s and independent software vendors already have the early version of the OS in their hands for testing. Hence, it is obvious that the OS has made some headway towards being complete. But the actual release might still be in 2013, Cherry said.

Developers Conference Might Be The First Official Sneak Peak

PDC 2011 might give us a clue!

He, as with some other experts on the matter, said that we might get the first official peak in to the Windows 8 code at the upcoming Microsoft Professional Developers Conference. Given the current stage of the Windows 8 build, it can easily be shown off to the developers so that they too can prepare their applications accordingly. It’s a logical step for the company to keep the developers happy but most importantly to make sure that they are ready to support it with good third party input when it is released.

Cherry wasn’t basing his predictions on inside information, so his words are still speculation. Educated speculation. He touched upon the facts that other than the x86 and x64 architectures, Windows 8 will be running on System-on-a-Chip processors too. This will increase the visible population of low powered devices based on Windows. In fact, Intel and AMD are both working on SoC processors for the OS, as we last heard during CES earlier this year.

There’s also a possibility that new embedded standards will be released in 2013 but it is also possible that all of it will be tied in to Windows 8.

Published: Monday, May 9th, 2011 Last Modified: May 9, 2011

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