Analyst Predicts Next-Gen Console Will Fail Miserably

Next Generation Consoles Will Fail

HD graphics and more power won’t lead to success, apparently.

I think next-gen consoles could continue the record sales of this generation, but an analysts disagrees

The rumor frenzy over when next-gen console will launch, what internals they will have and what games they could launch with demonstrates the demand for better consoles and consumer anticipation (mostly, though some believe this generation has more to offer). With just a year to go before the probable launch of the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and the 2012 launch of the Wii U, one analysts predicts that all three consoles will fail. In terms of sales, at least.

The analyst said that the Wii U will only sell a third of the Wii’s numbers, while Microsoft and Sony will only sell half of the units shipped this generation with their consoles.

Breaking down the consoles

The Xbox 360 will sell 5.6 million units by 2015. An incremental improvement, the console is estimated to arrive in 2014; the sales will be roughly 12 months after launch. In approximately the same time – 14 months, between November 2005-January 2007 – the Xbox 360 sold 10.3 million units.

Personally, I’m calling bogus: Microsoft is pushing Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3 this year. While Ubisoft did release Assassin’s Creed titles annually, 3 is the next big entry – the next title could be an expansion or a smaller game. Likewise, Halo 4 will at least be active for a couple of years before Halo 5. Microsoft has said 4 marks a new trilogy, so I’m confident two of the titles will be next-gen. Halo 4 is maxing out the 360.

The PS4 will arrive next year, though, say the predictions. 14 months from its launch in 2006, the PS3 sold 10.4 million units. Again, the PS4 is projected to meet half of the those sales: 5.4 million by 2014.

Despite Nintendo’s promises of greather third-party and online support, the Wii U will only meet half of the Wii’s sales. I think the Wii U won’t match the Wii’s sales because the latter was a surprise and brought new technology to a wide audience. From later this year to 2013, the console is estimated to sell 7 million units (compared to 20 from 2006-08).

Published: Friday, April 27th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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