Amazon Might Release A Kindle Phone Running Windows 8

Rumor has it that Amazon is getting ready to release a Kindle branded phone based on the Windows 8 platform from Microsoft.

Amazon Might Release A Kindle Phone Running On Windows 8

Kindle Phone Running Windows 8 Phone Version Coming From Amazon: Rumors

The Kindle line of tablets might soon have a new device category to share brand name with. Rumors are abound that Amazon is working on a Kindle phone that will be running Windows 8 (phone version). After Steve Ballmer’s confirmed that Windows 8 is coming to phones, there has been a confusion regarding whether Windows 8 would indeed be available on phones. Hence, if this rumor has an shred of truth in it, it would be one of the first hints at Windows 8’s phone version.

An analyst from Citigroup called Mark Mahaney started this rumor by stating it in a recent report. According to him, he came to the conclusion after checking supply sources in Asia. What he means is that by looking at the components that Amazon is currently buying in bulk, he was able piece together a device that could be a smartphone

In addition to this, Citigroup’s hardware research analyst Kevin Chang says that scrutiny of the supply channels have led him to believe that this Amazon would be using a Microsoft mobile OS (either Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows 8). He also gave out specific features like a 4inch touchscreen and an 8-megapixel camera. However, he has not provided much evidence in this regard.

Mahaney said that if Amazon was using Google’s Android OS, then they would have to pay Microsoft some amount of compensation as a usage fee for the OS. Manufacturers like HTC already have to do this for their existing Android models.

He also adds that Amazon’s game plan for setting this phone apart from everything else might be a very low cost. They did the same thing with the Kindle tablets and made money from the content that they sold on the tablets. From a business perspective, it is merely one more way for people to buy things from Amazon.

Published: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 Last Modified: November 24, 2011

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