AllThingsD: Windows 8 Tablet To Be Released By Microsoft, Soon

Windows 8 Tablet Rumors

According to a report published by WSJ’s All Things D Microsoft will announce a new Windows 8 tablet on its own.

Windows 8 Tablet Preview Coming From Microsoft

There’s a new Windows 8 Tablet coming from Microsoft and it will be the device that sees Microsoft enter the hardware market (in this segment), All Things D reports. Soon after the report on All Things D, entertainment focus news site The Wrap reported about the same tablet and called it a “Microsoft-manufactured tablet” to be more precise. The All Things D report suggest the tablet is being designed to compete directly with Apple’s iPad — the current market leading product in the tablet category.

The recently forged Barnes & Noble partnership has also given rise to speculations that suggest Microsoft will be releasing a new co-branded Nook tablet in to the market that runs on Windows instead of the heavily modified Android that current Nook Tablets run. However, according to the Dow Jones those rumors are “not true at all”.

This fresh tablet rumor also suggest that the tablet might feature Xbox Live content streaming. This piece of speculation comes from Tech business venture focus site TechCrunch. Xbox Live is the online platform of Microsoft’s popular gaming console and it already has several deals in place that allows Xbox Live members to have access to a lot of streaming content from providers like Verizon and Comcast.

Microsoft is about to hold a press conference in Los Angeles and that has just heightened the rumors. But the company has declined to comment on the rumors, which gives them a bit more plausibility. Companies usually deny rumors vehemently if they have no plans along those lines. However, they can’t deny it if they are really working on something.

Published: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 Last Modified: June 19, 2012

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