Aliens: Colonial Marines Pushed Back to 2013: The New November?

This is the third game in a month to be pushed back to 2013. Why?

Is November becoming a graveyard for non-Call of Duty games? It looks that way if delays are anything to go by

There’s something about November that’s causing developers to stay clear of the month, whether the Call of Duty hype train or otherwise. Whatever the reason, three games have been delayed this month, and Aliens: Colonial Marines is releasing February 2013.

Instead of spring, and then autumn, 2012. The first time Sega delayed the game, the publisher claimed it was to allow Gearbox Software – the developers – to make a great game. Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox, said in a GameSpot interview uploaded yesterday that he felt the team wasn’t exploiting the franchise for money. He added in that interview the announcement was imminent, and seemed rather upbeat. I guess he was more excited a firm release date, rather than Colonial Marines arriving this year.

Gary Knight, senior vice president of marketing for Sega Europe and America, was understandably positive and said Sega is looking forward to Gearbox producing a great game. He added he was happy to reveal the exact date of release, which suggest this was the planned date for a while and not a reaction to the confirmation of Halo 4 or Call of Duty: Black Ops’ release dates.

Wii U too?

There was no mention of the Wii U version, though, despite Pitchford building the Wii U version up and claiming it’s the best-looking version of the game. Considering Nintendo’s next-gen console launches this year – and is going to be unveiled at E3 in a couple of weeks – it’s strange for there to be no mention of the version. Perhaps Nintendo aims to use the game as a surprise, though we already know it exists.

Pitchford also talked about Wii U-specific features, such as a motion-sensitive motion tracker and the ability to see multiplayer leaderboards on the touch screen. I do like the sound of the controller’s dual functionality, especially with the leaked analog sticks.

The announcement did confirm the Xbox, PS3 and PC releases. Expect to see more footage at E3, and check out the trailer for another preview of the game before Nintendo’s June 5 conference.


Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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