Alan Mulally Officially Out Of CEO Running

As the search for the next Microsoft CEO continues on, much life a soap opera or in this case a tech soap opera, the name of Ford CEO’s Alan Mulally has been speculated as a top candidate for the next CEO position. On Tuesday, he officially took himself out of the running.

The name of Alan Mulally has been speculated as the next CEO ever since Steve Ballmer announced that he would be stepping down as Microsoft’s CEO. But, recent indications led many to the thought that he wouldn’t take the position if offered, and it became official on Tuesday.

Alan Mulally Issues Statement Regarding Microsoft CEO Role

Mulally Out

In an interview given to the Associated Press on Tuesday, Alan Mulally stated for the first time, and on the record, that he would not be leaving Ford, and has no interest in becoming the next CEO at Microsoft. He plans to stay at Ford at least through 2014, and wanted to end speculation about his name and the Microsoft CEO role.

In the statement with the Associated Press, Alan Mulally stated that he didn’t want to speculate about whether or not he spoke with anyone at Microsoft about the role at all, and many think that was a smart move. The role of the Ford CEO is a very coveted role, and one that Ford wanted to make sure they keep in the hands of Alan Mulally.

Whom The Next Microsoft CEO Will Be Is Still A Mystery

Microsoft’s Statement

In response to the Alan Mulally statement on Tuesday, Microsoft issued a blanket denial about commenting about individual names, and that is more of a political move than anything. Whether or not he was ever considered is a moot point now, and the fact that he officially turned it down puts Microsoft potentially looking for a new frontrunner.

Mulally and Steve Ballmer had a connection and Mulally stood as an advisor to Microsoft in more of an unofficial role. Microsoft plans to make the announcement about the next CEO during 2014, and many people, including investors want the announcement to come sooner, rather than later. Whom this person is will be a mystery, but names like Tony Bates, Satya Nadella, and others are generally the most discussed in the tech world.

I think Steven Elop or Satya Nadella are the ones to beat. I never thought Alan Mulally was the perfect fit, and I’m glad he made this statement official today.

Published: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 Last Modified: January 8, 2014

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