AKTBalaji Video App Arrives For Windows 10 Users

If you are a fan of the Indian cinema and tv productions, you have certainly heard of ALTBalaji. A few unofficial versions of their video app have been on the web, but finally an official version of their video app is available.

ALTBalaji is one of the most popular film and tv production houses within India, and they have a ton of video-on-denand programs available in their catalog of shows. Now, a great Windows 10 emerges from their tech world.

ALTBalaji Video App Arrives For Windows 10 Users

ALTBalaji Features

With the official ALTBalaji app, you can watch the video-on-demand programs available. They feature new-age shows, alternative writing shows by famous Indian writers, popular celebrities, and directors who direct amazing features.

Inside the app, the ALTBalaji gives users a number of different genres to enjoy. Users can enjoy thrillers, mystery shows, crime, drama, comedy, and romance shows. Additionally, users can enjoy young shows featuring professionals with families.

Enjoy Episodes For Free With ALTBalaji App

Best For Kids & Movie Fans

If you have kids or know ones who love ALTBalaji, then this app is perfect for them. It has a huge collection of shows for kids, and those include their own original characters and adapted ones. These are great for learning and sheer entertainment.

Additionally, movie fans will love the new ALTBalaji app on Windows 10. It has a ton of Bollywood movies, and these include modern movies to classic ones that haven’t been seen in ages. Movies fans get their ALTBalaji fix with this app.

If you enjoy programming from ALTBalaji, then this app is for you. It’s focused for Indian fans, but ALTBalaji has fans all over the world, we are sure.

Published: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 Last Modified: April 18, 2017

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