Aion 1.9 & Free Trial Keys for 2010

If you want to try out Aion, you’ll need a free trial key first to activate your account. Luckily, there are some fansites that provide free trial keys for new players. If you hurry up, you might be able to get your toon to a decent level before patch 1.9 goes live.

Aion FREE Trial 2010

So, if you want to try out Aion yourself and see if it actually lives up to the hype, then get a free trial key! One of the best fansites we found to get a free trial account for 2010 is, but you will probably also get free trial keys for Aion on the official Aion Facebook page if you ask nicely.

Download Aion Client 1.5

Before you can actually play Aion, you’ll to download and install the Aion client. This is of course free.
Download Aion Client

Aion Client 1.9 Changes

The upcoming patch for Aion will include some major changes. One of the most significant changes is that every class will be able to counteract and counterattack stun blocks to a certain degree. There will be daily quests, 15 new skills and a completely redesigned LFG system. Other changes in Aion 1.9:

  • New skills for every class (including new skills specifically for countering stun attacks)
  • New skills for every class (including new skills specifically for countering stun attacks)
  • Dozens of daily quests with different objectives and rewards
  • New quests, increased quest rewards, and increased instance drop rates
  • Dredgion enhancements
  • Max item enchantment increased to +15
  • An increase in experience gain (including a new experience bonus system:  Energy of Salvation)
  • Soul Healing, Soul Binding, and Flight Transportation cost decreases
  • A mechanic that allows two two-handed weapons to be combined to create one more powerful two-handed weapon
  • Looking for group (LFG) functionality improvements
  • Numerous user interface improvements


So when 1.9 goes live get that “Remove Shock” skill and you’ll be able to remove a stun and increase your resistance to it for some time.

Daily Quests Rewards

The daily quest rewards will be XP, Kinah and temp weapons/armors, as well as ingame titles. Pretty much good stuff!

Aion 1.9 Screenshots

Aion 1.9 Client
Aion 1.9 Client
Aion 1.9 Client

Aion Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Aion Theme

Download Aion Theme for Windows 7

Published: Saturday, April 10th, 2010 Last Modified: April 10, 2010

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