Aion: Free-To-Play in 2012 – SWTOR Next F2P Game?

As we reported Lineage 2 and DC Universe Online are now free-to-play. Next up, is Aion that will also go F2P.

Aion FREE to play

Aion Free-To-Play Launch Date: February 2012

Aion – 16th Most Played Game This Week

After the great success of Lineage 2, NCSoft started working on Aion The Tower of Eternity in 2006. Aion was more successful on the Western market and quickly established a loyal following. It’s currently ranked as the 16th most played game this week on Xfire, only outranked by games such as Call of Duty, Terraria and League of Legends.

The last update to NCSoft’s Lineage 2 “Goddess of Destruction” was heavily influenced by Aion’s game design. New skills and mobs are very similar to Aion now, but while Lineage 2 is now a free game, Aion will not be free until 2012.

Aion will also not be free in all parts of the world. Due to enormous success in the EU, Aion will first go free-to-play in Europe. NCSoft’s hasn’t announced any plans to make the US servers free-to-play yet.

SWTOR – F2P in 2013?

It very much looks like more and more MMO’s are making the switch to the F2P business model. It will be interesting to see how long EA can make the subscription model work. It’s only reasonable to try to sell as many games as possible and get revenue from annual subscriptions before a switch to F2P will be even considered. After all, SWTOR was one of EA’s biggest gambles. Rumor has it that they invested more than 100 million into the game and have a 10-year plan for the Star Wars MMO. That’s why you shouldn’t expect that this game will go F2P any time soon.

Published: Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 Last Modified: December 14, 2011

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