After Playing the Guild Wars 2 Beta, Here’s What I Loved: Weekend Betas

The weekend just gone marked the first of multiple weekend GW 2 betas. So what’s to expect in future betas?

Guild Wars 2 Classes Elementalist

Guild Wars 2 took another step towards release with the first weekend beta last week, but there are still a few to go

My previous three articles in this series have touched on what I loved about Guild Wars: the Guardians profession, Dynamic Events and combat. While I love weekend betas – though certainly hate them from being two days long – there are more coming. Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. We don’t know when, but we know they are, and here’s what I think will come in the next beta.

AreaNet hasn’t put a firm date on the weekend betas, saying they aiming for monthly events. Since there’s no release date, though, that’s likely dependant on how much development time the game needs and what needs to be developed. While I want more betas, I’m not sure that’s the best news for fans: more betas probably means more needs to be tested, so monthly betas probably mean ArenaNet has a firm idea on what needs developing.

In fact, they’ve said as much: two aspects they’re focusing on are performance and balance. Many people complained about performance being spotty, even on high-end systems. The reason for this is simple: the game isn’t optimized and uses one core. I’m running a dual-core system, so I’m expecting better performance in the final product. By the same token, some people had flawless performance.

Sylvari, Asura playable?

We didn’t get to play the Sylvari and Asura during the weekend, so I expect testing those races out will be a priority. Races don’t influence classes too much, but the starting areas and the Personal Story need to be played. Some cutscenes might be buggy – some dialogue in the Norn’s cutscenes didn’t match up – and the starting area might be confusing to navigate.

Also, we could only to get to level 20 and level 25 in the Personal Story. I don’t want to see the end-game areas, but areas in the middle of the game would be nice to see and ArenaNet can see how levelled classes function. Players barely got a chance to put a class together during the weekend.

Published: Friday, May 4th, 2012 Last Modified: May 4, 2012

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