Adobe Launches New Adobe Creative Cloud On Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 has been a big success for Microsoft and while the mobile professional has really taken advantage of its portable power, artists have been left in the cold. That is until Monday, when Adobe announced a new Adobe Creative Cloud, that will take advantage of the high-resolution Surface Pro 3 display, for artists everywhere.

The Surface Pro 3 has one of the highest resolution touch screens on the market, and when combined with the Stylus Pen, makes a terrific bundle for artists. During the Adobe Max show, Satya Nadella took stage to show off the newest addition for the Surface Pro 3 from Adobe.

Microsoft and Adobe Launch Creative Cloud Updates For Surface Pro 3

What Is Different?

The Adobe Creative Cloud has been around for a number of years through Adobe, and has taken advantage of the Intel processor and CPU to power great designs. The newest changes on Monday, take advantage of the portable power of the Surface Pro 3. Artists and designers can take it on the road, pull up Adobe Illustrator for example, and work on their works from anywhere.

Adobe Illustrator is a prime example of the update, since it has a new workspace that shows off exclusive controls and tools for the touch experience. The pressure-sensitive pen allows for almost perfect drawing, and allows for perfect drawing in ones lap, from anywhere. This will make the mobile designer or mobile artist, a perfect fit for the Surface Pro 3, and the latest updates from Adobe.

Microsoft and Adobe Display Adobe Illustrator CC on Surface Pro 3

Artists Get 30-Day Free Trial

For those artists and design professionals who want to truly experience the updates that Adobe released, Adobe is allowing users to download a 30-day free trial of Illustrator CC. They have updated the experience in all new ways, and transformed the Surface Pro 3 into a perfect design tablet for almost any artist.

Microsoft and Adobe are looking to make the Surface Pro 3 the perfect designers mobile tool. It has the power to run almost any program on the go, and the latest updates by Adobe make Illustrator and the Creative Cloud programs easier to run than ever before. They are available today, and are a great addition to the Surface Pro 3 line.

Illustrator CC looks awesome on the Surface Pro 3. It’s sharp, clear, and wow.

Published: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 Last Modified: October 7, 2014

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