Acer Windows Phone 8 Devices Coming In 2013, No Go For This Year

There were rumors about an Acer Windows Phone 8 device doing the rounds lately but now it looks like it will not be available in the market until next year, if it is at all a real device that is.

Acer Might Not release Windows Phone 8 Device till 2013

Acer Windows Phone 8 Device Not To Arrive Until 2013

Those of us who were hoping to catch a glimpse of what Acer has in store for Windows Phone 8 will be disappointed to know that the company is apparently working towards a 2013 release. That is of course if the rumors about this device are true at all. Acer is of course going to go with the rest of the industry and make lots of Windows 8 devices like desktops, laptops and tablets. It is the Windows Phone 8 that looks uncertain at this point due to lack of clear evidence. Everything we know about this illusive device is practically hearsay.

According to some new reports posted online, Acer will be releasing Windows Phone 8 devices in 2013. Even if they release in January next year, they will be missing out on the holiday season. And the longer they delay, the more the buzz around Windows 8 is going to die off. They could be losing a lot of potential sales because of this decision to launch later.

Although, we don’t really know why Acer is doing this. It is possible that the company wants Microsoft to weed out all the minor problems and issues before the company jumps in to phone market in full force. In the meantime, they have their army of tablets, hybrids and notebooks to keep their clientele busy. So they will not be losing out on the Windows 8 bandwagon entirely.

Published: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Last Modified: July 27, 2012

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