Acer To Launch W11 Windows Phone 8 Slider Handset In October 2012

Acer Launches W11 Windows Phone 8 Slider Handset Rumor has it that Acer is making a slider phone for Windows Phone 8 called the W11 and it will be launched in October this year.

Acer W11 Windows Phone 8 Slider Coming This October

There’s a rumor going around about Acer launching a new slider phone in October this year and it will apparently be running on Windows Phone 8. This rumor started from a post on Acer-Club Russia forums, which talks about the phone in details. It pegs it as a part of the large scale launch that Microsoft is expected to pull of later this year including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Office 15. All of them will apparently have the same release date according to the forum post. And then it talks about the Acer Windows Phone device.

According to the post, Windows Phone 8 is launching between October 20th and 21st this year. Acer will also launch their Windows 8 tablet around this time and this is something that we already know of. The Acer W11 is the rumored phone that is also supposed to launch within this time frame. It will apparently be designed like the Acer Tempo M900 and it will be a QWERTY slider keypad toting device just like the M900. The pricing is claimed to be similar to the low-end ZTE device, which is also supposedly coming later this year.

Strategically speaking, the W11 will be one of the cheapest dual-core Windows Phone 8 devices available in the market and will compete with ZTE’s rock bottom pricing as well.

Acer, like many other companies, is actually working on expanding their range of products through the implementation of Windows 8 in various formats. Companies have tried this with Android as well and we have gotten some interesting devices out of those experiments. So it remains to be seen if Acer’s product sticks or paves way for something better using the same platform.

Published: Thursday, April 26th, 2012 Last Modified: April 26, 2012

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