Acer CEO Says Microsoft Surface Tablet Is Negative For Whole Industry, Seems Envious

Microsoft Surface Tablet Negative For Industry

We knew the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablets from the company would spark third-party manufacturers into rage/jealousy/insert another emotion here. Acer has gone public (again) with its feelings, claiming Surface will be bad for the whole industry.

Acer claim Microsoft’s Surface tablet is going to be a negative launch for the whole industry, which seems slightly melodramatic

Microsoft announced it would be building two Surface tablets earlier in the year, and it was immediately predicted third-party manufacturers for Windows 8 devices wouldn’t like the announcement. Microsoft said it wasn’t competing with partners, but Asus firmly disagrees.

Acer CEO JT Wang said to the Financial Times the launch of Surface, providing it goes ahead, will be a negative for the worldwide ecosystem. Wang added he wants Microsoft to reconsider the launch of Surface, adding other companies may display a negative reaction. He added Microsoft isn’t good at creating hardware.

Let’s just break the comments down: Wang is saying Microsoft should rethink the launch of Surface. The company has invested significant money and time into building the products, and made a public announcement, so why would Microsoft cancel the devices? Second, Asus is saying Microsoft isn’t good at hardware. I think it’s fair to say Asus hasn’t been the best, either.

Wang even said Acer could ditch Microsoft as a partner if Surface releases, stating Asus can either look for alternatives or continue to work with Microsoft. The choice is obvious, right?

Why Can’t Microsoft Succeed?

Asus has also previously said Microsoft will fail with Surface for Windows 8, shortly after the announcement of the product back in June this year. Senior Vice President and President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Asus Olive Ahrens said Microsoft cannot be a hardware player with two products. He added Apple is the only company building devices for iOS.

The key for Microsoft is to not create a position where Surface is seen above other devices, because it’s from Microsoft. The advantage of having a large variety of partners with Windows 8 is that Microsoft is one of many offering devices.

On Microsoft not being to be a hardware partner with two devices, that’s nonsense. The statement would have made sense if Microsoft was launching a large number of devices and swamping the competition.

Published: Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 Last Modified: August 8, 2012

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