Acer Believes In Windows 8 In Fight Against Apple

Acer’s CEO JT Wang stated earlier this week that he firmly believes that Microsoft will snag a huge percentage of Apple’s market share.

Acer S3 Ultrabook

Acer Bets On Windows 8 For Challenging Apple In Tablet And Smartphone Sector

Technology news source Digitimes reported on Monday that Acer chief JT Wang has expressed his confidence in Windows 8 when it comes to challenging the competition. The competition in this case is Apple with their dominant market share in the tablet and smartphone segments of the market.

According to Wang, Apple’s notebooks and computers mean very little to the company’s overall growth when compared to the contributions of the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). These portable devices are the ones that are really driving their growth and Acer finally seeks to challenge that position by making compelling Windows 8 products. Acer was recently named the 4th amongst the top companies by PC shipments for the third quarter of this year.

Microsoft Can Snag Marketshare from Apple, Says JT Wang

According to Wang, Microsoft has had almost no real achievements in the two markets that are driving Apple’s currently explosive growth. However, with Windows 8 on its way, the Acer chief feels that is about to change.

Compared to the iOS platform, Windows 8 has a radically different approach to user experience. Some would even call it a simpler approach. Also, Windows 8 has already merged the desktop with the tablet and the smartphone. It is something that Apple is only beginning to gradually do.

Wang sees Microsoft remerging as a company and capturing significant market share in both tablet and smartphone thanks to Windows 8. And with experts already calling this the ‘post-pc’ era, these are the two most important markets to be in simply because they are growing the fastest.

Wang also appreciated HP’s decision to stay in the PC business, saying that it would stimulate the market and would pave the way for better penetration of Windows 8. This in its turn will help defeat Apple’s supremacy.

Published: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: November 2, 2011

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