Access Real-Time Flight Info With Flights Info On Windows 10

If you travel a lot, you know the importance of accurate flight information, and the need to know when delays exist. They can cost you hours of delays, and get you delayed in going to and from your destination. With Flights Info on Windows 10, you get a free app to help.

Flights Info is a unique tool app that is 100 percent free, and gives you a ton of features that will assist the traveler. The full range of features for the active traveler should help them on the road, and definitely before they encounter any delays at the airport.

Get Real Time Flight Info With Flights Info On Windows 10

Flights Info Features

With Flights Info, you get a lot of features built into the free app. You can right away start searching for flights by airport, by flight number, and see flights up to a week ahead. These search tools make it easier to find your current and future flights, and see if you’ll be delayed or more.

With the Windows 10 app, you can pin flights info the Start Screen, and that gives you almost instant access to your flight information. The pinning ability isn’t available in a number of flight apps, and this is a help. Other information like departure and arrival information is also available in the app.

Don't Be Delayed Again Using Flights Info On Windows 10

Advanced Flight Tools

Beyond just being able to search for your flights and see what is going on with the flight, Flights Info also gives you plane information and the traveling path for the flight. This can be important to someone wanting a specific plane type, or wanting to know the exact flight pattern of their flight.

Lastly, the full range of aircraft information is available to user inside Flights Info. The aircraft information might sound trivial to some flyers, but for active flyers, the type of aircraft they are flying is important. It determines the type of flight, the seats, and comfort level they will have.

Flights Info is free and available on Windows 10. It’s worth it if you fly a lot, and a feature filled travel app.

Published: Monday, October 31st, 2016 Last Modified: October 31, 2016

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