Access Fon Wi-Fi On Windows 10 Easier Than Ever

If you travel or spend any amount of time on your Windows 10 device while outside the home, you know the precious convienence of finding a Wi-Fi service that works and is reliable. Now, Windows 10 users can start accessing Fon Wi-Fi service easier.

Fon is one of the largest WI-Fi providers on the planet, and with over 20 million hotspots around the world, you can pretty much access them anywhere. Now, Fon has enabled Windows 10 users to use its service with an app or directly on their devices.

Access FON Directly With Windows 10 Devices Starting Today

Fon Direct

Now, users on their Windows 10 devices, can purchase Fon access for their Wi-Fi needs directly within the Windows Store. This will make it much easier, and it even supports the Windows Hello authentication for more secure access.

All a user has to do it do select the network icon, select the network from the View plans from Windows Store, and in the Paid WiFi & Mobile section, choose the Fon access. You can then pay for it with their Microsoft account.

Access FON Wifi On Windows Mobile Devices Easier With App

Fon App For Mobile Devices

While the desktop experience makes it easier to access Fon, the Fon Windows Mobile app is another way to access the service. The app is free, and while it isn’t a sanctioned app, it lets users login to the Fon service easier.

The Fon Spot app lets users just simply open the app on their Windows Mobile device, click a button, and then be authenticated on the service. You will need a FON account to use it, but it makes accessing the WiFi service easier on FON.

Fon or FON and Windows 10 now are cozier together. If you use the service, let us know how it works for you.

Published: Thursday, November 10th, 2016 Last Modified: November 10, 2016

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