A Treat For Graphic Enthusiasts: Project D CryEngine 3 Trailer

Some developers simply know how to excite us MMO and RPG geeks. Project D is one of the most beautiful MMO’s I’ve seen since ArchAge

Cryengine 3 mmo Project D

Update: This MMO was closed down due to some business model changes

Yes, most Asian MMO’s are a grind fest, but since the immensely successful Guild Wars this is slowly changing. But a lot of MMO fans are already happy when the game offers a great setting and ridiculous detailed landscapes and characters to explore.

Project D might have something for everyone, but see for yourself:

Just another proof that Asian developers are the unchallenged elite when it comes to MMO game design. Yes, Bioware created a decent Star Wars MMO from what I’ve seen, but this market is moving on quickly and it could be outdated in just a few years if they don’t work on it. One thing that is crucial to longterm success is definitely new content every few months or players will get bored eventually.

Published: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 Last Modified: November 29, 2011

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