A Single Store For Windows 10 Apps, Music and Movies

Right now, the Windows ecosystem is divided into a number of stores. Music has its Xbox Music Store, movies share that same app, and apps go through the main Windows Store. But on Thursday, rumors about an upoming unified store for Windows 10 came out, and should make one store look very real.

Users have confusion with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, as they have to access three different locations to purchase music, videos, and apps. But, recent builds of Windows 10 are starting to show the Windows 10 Store, and users should be now focused on one main store, making buying things much easier.

Microsoft's Current Windows 8 Store Leaves Confusion and Shaking Heads

A Single Windows 10 Store

As shown in recent builds on Thursday, Windows 10 is starting to show users a new section of the Windows 10 Store. This new store will have music and TV shows, with music to follow. This is the giant plan from Microsoft to keep all their purchases under one store, making it easier for users to purchase from them anytime.

The overall experience of the Windows Store in the Windows 10 builds are still very early, and have a lot of work to go. Movie or TV details have been left out, but the skeleton framework exists. Streaming is available now, and offline download capabilities have been promised with future updates of the Windows 10 Store.

Microsoft's Xbox Music Store To Be Replaced With Single Windows 10 Store

How To Try It Out

To take a look at the latest Windows Store on Windows 10, you have to be a Windows Insider, and via that download the latest Windows 10 builds. You can be on the slow or fast ring, depending on your technical abilities and capabilities. The Windows 10 testers can rent and purchase TV shows starting today from the app.

Some still find a single store somewhat of a pain, but it should work fine for many users down the line. The ability to test the movie purchasing section from over 20 countries, should give Microsoft the feedback it needs. It will be updated as the BUILD 2015 conference is dolled out later this month in San Francisco, California.

I looked at the Windows Store and like it. I’m still getting used to it, but it looks pretty slick and comforting.

Published: Saturday, April 11th, 2015 Last Modified: April 11, 2015

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