A PC Version Of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Could Arrive, Konami Says

A PC Version Of Metal Gear Rising Revengance Could Arrive Konami Says

Konami’s Metal Gear but-not-Metal-Gear title, Metal Gear Rising Revengance, isn’t announced for PC. At least not for now, anyway, as Konami isn’t ruling out a PC port.

If you’re hoping the next Metal Gear title may release on PC, you could be in luck! Konami isn’t ruling out a version

Metal Gear Rising Revengance will arrive February 2013, though we don’t have a specific date, and while the game was originally confirmed for PC the development of the version has disappeared. The good news is it wasn’t cancelled, the bad news is it’s not releasing alongside the console versions.

Speaking to video game website Eurogamer, Creative Producer Yuji Korekado said the focus is on completing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. The PC version will be addressed as development finishes on said console versions, though there’s no guarantee it will happen.

Eurogamer was asked if Europeans want a PC version of Revengance by Korekado, and the website said yes. It highlighted how games can sell well digitally through Steam. Korekado then said, with that in consideration, the team will try and look towards that direction. The Steam Summer Sale is the classic example of how a game can sell well through the platform, and with the big picture mode arriving in September the service will become increasingly controller friendly.

2013 Release Date?

Metal Gear Rising Revengance follows Raiden, with the events taking place before Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots. It isn’t following the stealth-based gameplay of Snake’s Metal Gear Solid adventures, instead being a hack and slash. The title is developed by Bayonetta developers Platinum Games, and looks to have the over-the-top action warmly met in Bayonetta.

Rumors also surfaced recently claiming Metal Gear Solid 5 — or whatever the name is — will release as early as summer 2013, based on comments from a motion capture actor speaking to VG247. He said he would return to work with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima in the fall of 2012, adding the title is a long way off. However he did not reveal the name, or even the codename, and said scenes are acted without context occasionally. 2013 seems a little early for a fifth Metal Gear Solid title. I’d say 2014 at least.

However, any PC version will release after February 2013.

Published: Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: August 23, 2012

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