A Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Creates A Very Big Device

Thumb_nintendo 3Ds Xl Circle Pad Pro_thumb A new Circle Pad Pro is available for the handheld that makes it look really, really big.

It’s frustrating Nintendo continues to push a device to add a second analog stick when it isn’t needed

The Circle Pad Pro for Nintendo 3DS was an acceptable accessory: it added a second analog stick to for game that work optimally with the control layout. When Nintendo launched the 3DS XL, however, the second analog stick was again omitted even though it knew of dual-analog games. Now the Circle Pad Pro returns, making the larger 3DS even larger.

Kotaku used the accessory and said the size is reduced from the previous Circle Pad Pro. A palm rest is included and the design seems smoother to avoid nasty scrapes. It still looks ridiculous though.

The plastic is hard and cheap, Kotaku added, and the presentation of the device was criticized. It seems like a quick way to make money: the device is just all-black with a second analog stick. Nintendo is charging $30.

A Tad Expensive For Barebones Accessory

However, Kotaku mentioned the add-on is light. Other points are a similar design to the original Circle Pad Pro and possibly smaller shoulder buttons.

Nintendo claimed it couldn’t fit a second analog stick on the current 3DS Xl design — never mind it’s bigger than its predecessor — and would have to enlarge design further to accommodate the control. Many consumers will find that a weak excessive: the device would probably have to be marginally bigger or the analog sticks smaller. The device would still functionally be similar. Aesthetically the device would be similar too.

The Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro does not have a release date.

Published: Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: September 23, 2012

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