A Look At Windows 10 S From Microsoft

This week, Microsoft unveiled a new operating system for its systems, and is squarely aiming at the education market. It’s Windows 10 S operating system is a perfect Chromebook competitor and could work well.

The Windows 10 S operating system was unveiled in New York during a major press event, and is aimed to keep the user inside the Windows ecosystem. It runs only Windows Store apps, and could be a boom to developers and users together.

Microsoft Rolls Out New Windows 10 S OS For Students

What Is Windows S?

Windows 10 S is a new operating system but is a version of the standard Windows 10 operating system. It’s main goal is for students, and to keep their systems safe and secure. It operates apps solely from the Windows Store, and is all about security.

The new operating system does limit what users can install, so users will be using Bing and Edge a lot, and for many, that is a good thing. It won’t let users install third-party apps, and acts like a Chromebook in many ways. It though is quick, runs apps efficiently, and is built for the student to run and go right away.

Could Surface Book & Windows 10 S Put Microsoft In Education Plans For Many?

The 2017 Surface Book

The event from this week, couldn’t be written about unless we write about the new Surface Book as well. This $999 laptop is beautiful, and is much like the Surface Pro devices from Microsoft. It runs the i5 core from Intel, and gives users a SSD storage availability when they start up the unit.

Where many have issues on the unit are its ports, and those are missing the USB-C interface. It does have the mini-display port much like the Surface Pro units, and that has troubled many analysts. But, with a 11-hour battery life, slim looks, and a price point at under $1000 for the base model, it clearly is taking on Apple in the education market in the next year.

Both Windows 10 S and the Surface Book will be generally available in the next month or two. Both are worth checking out if you don’t want a Chrome Book, and need one for a student, both are worth checking out.

Published: Thursday, May 4th, 2017 Last Modified: May 4, 2017

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