9 Windows 7 Themes With Beautiful Beach Wallpapers

You want some beautiful beach wallpapers for your desktop? Why not give these 9 3rd-party Windows 7 themes a try that all include a very beautiful beach desktop wallpaper.

9 Beautiful Windows 7 Themes and Beach Wallpapers

1. Windows 7 BeachSea Theme

Theme with a rather rough beach wallpaper:

Beaches Windows 7 BeachSea Theme
Download Beaches Windows 7 BeachSea Theme | Mirror

2. Sunbeam on Sea Theme With Windows 7 Gadgets

Not exactly a beach theme, but this sea is pretty cool. This Windows 7 theme includes some nice gadgets.

Beaches Sunbeam on Sea Theme
Download Beaches Sunbeam on Sea | Mirror

3. Aerotune.msstyles for W7.

A very cool Aero theme for Windows 7 with a tropical beach wallpaper.

Beaches Aerotune.msstyles for W7 Theme
Download Beaches Aerotune.msstyles for W7. | Mirror

4. Windows 7 Themepack Themes With Top Beaches

Windows 7 Theme with an awesome themepack that includes some really incredible beach wallpapers.

Download Beaches ENDLESS BLUE THEME | Mirror

5. Windows 7 Theme Beta Blue WIP

A theme that is work in progress with a cool blue color scheme. Includes some beautiful beach shots.

Beaches Beta Blue WIP Theme
Download Beaches Beta Blue WIP | Mirror

6. Grey Beach Theme for Windows 7:

You like grey Windows 7 themes? Then you will love this theme including some black and white shots of beautiful beaches.

Beaches Mirror 7 theme Theme
Download Beaches Mirror 7 theme | Mirror

7. True Red Windows 7 Theme: Sunny Beaches

Very lightweight Windows 7 theme. Nice work overall and stunning beach wallpaper

Beaches True Red 7 th Theme
Download Beaches True Red 7 th | Mirror

8. Cool Beach Wallpaper In This Windows 8 Transformation Pack

This Transformation Pack is for Windows 7. You probably know this one from our page of Windows 8 themes

Beaches Windows 8 Transformation Pack Theme

9. BeachHouse Logon Screen Wallpaper

BeachHouse Logon Wallpaper By AZ Dude.

Beaches BeachHouse Logon Wall Theme
Download Beaches BeachHouse Logon Wall | Mirror

If you like Beach wallpapers, make sure to download our Windows 7 Beach theme

We will make sure to update our Windows 7 theme with more beach wallpapers shortly.

Published: Sunday, September 11th, 2011 Last Modified: September 11, 2011

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