9 Green Shell Themes for Windows 7 With Leaves, Nature Wallpapers

The following is a list of 9 shell themes with green themes. If you like nature wallpapers, leaves and everything green this is for you.

Green Shell Themes For Windows 7.Jpg

1. Classic Windows 7 Themes With Leaves Wallpapers

This theme modifies the shell. The grey/black color scheme looks very professional and the UI is a very eye-pleasing experience. Well done!

Classic WIN7_V2_beta_2
Classic WIN7_V2_beta_2 | Mirror


2. Clear Glass 2.0 Theme

You like glass themes? Sure, this one is a pretty clean theme without the typical rounded corners. The leaves wallpapers look pretty cool

To install the following themes make sure to understand the process of installing shell themes first.

clear_glass_2_0 | Mirror


3. Clear Glass 7

A rather simple theme with a basic Start menu and new color scheme

clear_glass_7_for_windows_7 | Mirror


4. Color WOOD Theme for Windows 7

A wood shell theme. If you like UI’s with wood skins, this is a good choice

Color_WOOD_for_windows_7 | Mirror


5. Glow Air Final THeme

Focusing the texture of the leaves enhance and captivating in windows 7 theme.

Glow_Air_Final_for_Windows_7 | Mirror


6. Leaf visual style for Windows 7

A very captivating theme with great caption buttons and navigation buttons. This theme is a visually stunning experience with some great nature wallpapers

leaf_visual_style_for_windows7 | Mirror


7. NEXTlevel Theme

This dark shell theme is an excellent choice if you want to go easy on your eyes. The bright white shell gets replaced with a darker version that prevents your eyes from becoming tired too quickly

leaf_visual_style_for_windows7 | Mirror


8. Vienna Theme

Fabulous theme for Windows 7. Loving the new taskbar icons with the rounded edges. Smooth!

vienna | Mirror


9. win7charm Theme With Green Disk Status Bars

You like the color green? Sure, this shell theme even modifies the status bars of the hard drives and the background color of the explor. Also the Start menu is pretty cool

win7charm | Mirror

Published: Friday, July 13th, 2012 Last Modified: July 13, 2012

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