9 Amazing Aluminum Windows 7 Themes (Free Download)

9 very amazing aluminum Windows 7 themes. Download the themes for free after the break. More free downloads upcoming.

10 Amazing Alumnin Windows 7 Themes

1. Alumin Full Skin for Windows 7

This is a pretty amazing Windows 7 theme with a full Alumin skin for Windows 7. If you like grey colors with Mac-like caption buttons, download this free 3rd-party theme. Make sure to read our tutorial how to install Windows 7 shell themes.

Download Alumin | Mirror

2. Military Windows 7 Themes: mar.pat. VS famas remix

You’re into military stuff and weapons? Download this full camouflage skin for Windows 7 with a Famas wallpaper. All for free.

Download Marpat | Mirror

3. Amazing Windows 7 Themes With Full Color Skin

Like grey colors and aluminum bars? Download this free Windows 7 theme with a completely new shell. Top!

Download Gray | Mirror

4. Free Themes: black 5D by Meniuh

Another very cool free theme for Windows 7 with a new taskbar and start orb.

Download Black | Mirror

5. More Amazing Aluminum Themes for Windows 7 – FrameII restyled

FrameII might have some big borders, but if you like big borders, this is a great free theme for Windows 7 users.

Download FrameII | Mirror


7. Minimalistic Free Aluminum Themes for Windows 7

A rather simple approach with only a few modifications here and there. I very much like the new Start menu. Good free theme for customizers.

Download Black7 | Mirror

Amazing work on this theme. New colors for the disk drive status, new taskbar and a fully re-designed Start Menu. Download this free theme below.

Download Mirror | Mirror

8. Free Dark/Greyish Windows 7 Themes: BG37

Lots of work went into redesigning the explorer. If you like some unconventional themes, download BG37

Download BG37 | Mirror

9. Amazing Simplicity: Elementary for Windows 7

Amazing work on this theme. Elementary is a pretty simple theme, but amazes with a very clean and simple shell. Loving it.

Download Elementary | Mirror


You are looking for amazing Windows 7 themes? Make sure to browse through our category of custom Windows 7 themes below. If you know of any cool Aluminum or grey themes, post them below.

Published: Saturday, July 16th, 2011 Last Modified: July 16, 2011

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