8 Incredibly Awesome Windows 7 Themes For Your Desktop (Dark Skins And Shell)

You like dark skins and shell themes? Sure, here are some incredibly awesome Windows 7 themes that will transform your PC into something new and exciting!

8 Awesome Dark Windows 7 Skins And Incredible Themes

If you have no idea how to install them, please click here and follow the instructions carefully. Please be very careful and spend a few days reading our site or you could end up losing data when you apply the skins

1. Adagio theme – Windows 7

Adagio is probably one of the finest Windows 7 themes with a dark shell. I really think the creator did an awesome job on this one, I also like the caption and navigation buttons of the theme

Adagio theme Reloaded Theme
Download Adagio theme | Mirror

2. kenpske — windows 7 32-bit theme

This is more of a combination of light and dark theme, but it really stands out from the crowd because of the slick design. The buttons are incredibly unique. Awesome theme for a great and unique desktop

kenpske -- win7 32bt theme Reloaded Theme
Download kenpske — win7 32bt theme Mirror

3. Dark Soft – Updated Windows 7 theme for an “all-black” experience

Most Windows 7 themes try to combine colors like dark and purple, black and white to create a nice contrast, but if you like completely dark shell themes, this is one of the “darkest” variations of themes that you will find.

Dark Soft Reloaded Theme

Download Modern | Mirror

4. Google+ Plus Theme

A rather simple darkish theme with a grey G+ wallpaper

Google+ Plus Theme Reloaded Theme

Download Google+ Plus Theme | Mirror

5. iFluxy for Windows 7

You like clean shell themes with small details and small buttons? Sure, give iFluxy a try – awesome job

iFluxy Reloaded Theme
Download iFluxy | Mirror

6. Dream Theme for Windows 7 v1.1

Here’s a mockup of this theme called “Dream” for Windows 7 version 1.1

Dream for Win7 Reloaded Theme
Download Dream for Win7 | Mirror

7. AquaV2: Dark and Light themes

If you like blue-dark combinations this shell theme is a good choice. It looks a little futuristic. Good job AquaV2 Dark and Light Reloaded Theme

Download AquaV2 Dark and Light | Mirror

8. Windows 7 Basic Dark Blue

You’re on Win7 Basic? No problem, we got a great theme for your PC

Dark Blue Reloaded Theme
Download Dark Blue | Mirror

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Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: February 1, 2013

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