8 Custom Windows 7 Themes With Wildlife Desktop Wallpaper (Clown Fish, Parrots, Lions)

If you are looking for some new Animal themes for Windows 7, you might like these custom themes with plenty of nice animal wallpapers and slideshows. Including clown fishes, parrots, lions and snow leopards:
Themes for Windows 7

The following is a list of custom 3rd-party themes for Windows 7. You first need to read our tutorial how to install 3rd-party Windows 7 themes to know how to use them (that is, if you are new to Windows 7 and desktop themes)

1. Nemo Elements Theme for Windows 7

If you like clown fishes you will love this Windows 7 theme that includes 40 high-quality clown fish wallpapers slideshow

Wildlife nemo elements theme for win 7 Theme
Download Wildlife nemo elements theme for win 7 | Mirror

2. Cloud7 2.9.6 Windows 7 Snow Leopard Theme

This is Cloud 7 2.9.6, a clean white Windows 7 theme with new caption buttons, various modified shell elements and a great snow leopard wallpaper.

Wildlife Cloud7 2.9.6 Theme
Download Wildlife Cloud7 2.9.6 | Mirror

3. Autumn in Noir – CustoPack

This is a Noir inspired customization for CustoPack (from Crystalxp), according to the creator. The shell looks very elegant and it includes some

Wildlife Autumn in Noir - CustoPack Theme
Download Wildlife Autumn in Noir – CustoPack | Mirror

4. Snow Leopard Windows 7 Theme Final Release

This is one of the best Snow Leopard themes

Wildlife Snow Leopard Final Release Theme
Download Wildlife Snow Leopard Final Release | Mirror

5. Mac OS X Liger for Windows 7

Another Mac OS X theme

Wildlife Mac OS X Liger for Windows 7 Theme
Download Wildlife Mac OS X Liger for Windows 7 | Mirror

6. Windows 7 x86 Logon Theme: Button Style Two

You need a new logon screen for Windows 7? Try this one:

Wildlife Win7 x86 Button Style Two Theme
Download Wildlife Win7 x86 Button Style Two | Mirror

7. Parrot Windows 7 Theme

If you like parrots, here’s a cool theme

Wildlife Parrot Theme
Download Wildlife Parrot | Mirror

More custom Animal themes with more wildlife wallpapers will follow. Stay tuned!

Published: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 Last Modified: October 22, 2011

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