8 Black, Grey Windows 7 Themes For Your PC With Excellent Shells

Black and grey themes are not so hard on the eyes. If you want to download 8 excellent black themes for Windows 7, check this out!

Black Windows 7 Themes

We are always scouting DeviantArt for new themes. Whenever we find some cool shell themes we post them on our site. This list features ONLY shell themes, so please before you even consider downloading and installing the themes, read our many tutorials, do some test runs on a virtual machine. We have many people complaining about shell themes who did not know that this could break their PC’s. If you install one of those themes, you are replacing crucial system files.

Tip: The only way to restore your PC is to use sfc.exe – which will basically restore all system files that Windows 7 themes change. We explained this here . So, please install VirtualPC and do it on a virtual machine before you do it on a real P C that you might need for work, school or your business.

We are currently uploading the theme files to our mirror, so the mirror links won’t work for a few hours

1. Dark Agility Theme

This is one of the most popular dark themes, so if you don’t know this one yet – it’s a must-have

Dark_Agility___Visual_Style | Mirror


2. Top Themes: Dynamic Black

A plain dark theme with a pretty cool shell. Loving it!

Dynamic_Black | Mirror


3. Ultimate RC Themes

A clean shell theme with a dark color scheme


u_7imate_rc2_by_rflfn-win70 | Mirror


4. Victorian Glass Visual Style for Windows 7

If you like glass themes, Victorian Glass is one of the best dark themes

Victorian_Glass_7_VS | Mirror

5. Thrasher Theme

Very cool and very glossy transparency effects. If you like the blue-darkish color scheme, this is for you



6. Metallik Glass Theme

What an excellent theme. If you like it simple and want a new shell on your PC, give it a try. Cool hover effects on the caption buttons, great colors, nice orb, wallpapers, etc.

metalik_glass_for_7 | Mirror


7. Simple Black Theme

Simple but effective

Simple_for_7 | Mirror


8. Zune theme for Windows 7

A decent Zune theme for Windows 7.

Zune_for_Win7 | Mirror

If you know of any dark / black shell themes that should be on this list, you are more than welcome to submit them to us. You can also reach us via mail, facebook, google plus.


Published: Friday, May 11th, 2012 Last Modified: May 11, 2012

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