7,000 Languages With Windows 8.1

The world of Windows and especially Windows 8.1 is becoming more and more of a global convergence. On Thursday, Microsoft in its Windows Experience Blog, highlighted the world power of Windows 8.1. The blog update talked about the over 7,000 languages available in Windows 8.1.

The computing world and the Internet has brought together people from all over the world to communicate, and Windows 8.1 with its updates has given them more ways to talk. With the wide number of languages available in Windows 8.1, the amount of global conversations is immense.

Microsoft Shows Global Language Support In Windows 8.1

Over 7,000 Languages Available

The multiple language support in Windows 8.1 is quickly becoming a larger and larger tool for conversations around the globe. Windows 8.1 currently has 108 display languages that people can see Windows displayed in. The large number of global languages for people to use Windows 8.1 shows that anyone in the world can use it.

The number of keyboard layouts in Windows 8.1 though is where things change for the global audience. Windows has over 200 keyboard layouts built into it, and with that the ability to enter text in over 7,000 languages. The languages of Sora, Gothic, and obscure ones like Dai in China are available as well.

Microsoft Supports Languages In Windows 8.1 With Ease

How To Get To The Lanugages

In the Windows Experience Blog, the various scripts enable the number of global languages. The support for over 98 percent of the worlds population is supported off the gate, and leaves only 2 percent of the world undiscoverable with it. Users can quickly get to the different languages easy.

By going into the PC settings or Control panel, users can then search for their language and select it from there. The ability to change display languages and not the apps or keyboard is also noted in the advanced settings in Windows 8.1. Users can then add language packs for the languages not covered, and quickly switch between keyboards by using the Windows Key and spacebar. I personally speak English and Spanish, and have used the Spanish keyboard, but not yet in Windows 8.1.

This type of news is great for the global Windows 8.1 crowd. The world is global, and doesn’t speak the same language, and now they can join in Windows 8.1.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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