7 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 8.1: Improved Boot Time, Full Multi-Monitor Support, Storage Spaces

Microsoft made several improvements in Windows 8 that many people are unaware of. Read about the 10 top improvements in Windows 8 as compared to Windows 7.

Despite the mixed reviews of Windows 8, it has better look, feel and improvements than its predecessor, Windows 7. In this article, we shall be sharing with you some basic improvements that are either not given the attention, or ignored by other websites. If you are a desktop user, here are the improvements of shifting from Windows 7 to 8:

1. Improved Booting Speed

Windows 8 has improved the booting speed of its OS, with reduced boot timings in the range of 15 to 30 seconds using the same hardware. Windows 8 boots up from Standby mode by storing all software and kernel files in a low-state mode. This improves Windows 8’s booting speed dramatically.

2. Improved File Copying Speed

Windows 8 saw a dramatic improvement in file transfer process and copying speed. You can now look at the progress of files being copied including the remaining time, ability to pause the operations, minimize or expand the operations and the option of looking at progress graph.

3. Built-in Multiple Monitor Support

Windows 8 comes with improved and built-in support for having separate taskbars & wallpapers on multiple monitors. There is no need for installing 3rd party applications for this purpose. Just right click anywhere on the taskbar and click Properties. Check Show taskbar on all displays.

4. Improved Task Manager

The Task Manager in Windows 8 is a big refresher as compared to the one in Windows 7. It provides detailed view as to how much memory and CPU Is consumed by each program and how many programs are available to boot on startup.

5. Improvements in File Explorer

Windows 8 has improvements in regards to the Explorer. Firstly, it is not named Windows Explorer anymore, but instead called File Explorer. Secondly, the quick access toolbar option and ribbon interface makes it easy to look at hidden files and undo or delete files, folders.
You can now mount the ISO and VHD files without requiring installation of any 3rd party application. This is really a great feature as it enables users to access important data without wasting any time. The Up button is back in Windows 8, which was earlier removed in 7.

6. New Storage Spaces

Storage spaces is an excellent feature in Windows 8 that allows you to combine the resources of several connected physical hard drives and create a pool of storage. This further helps you in using the pooled storage space as one hard disk.

7. Refresh and Reset

The new Refresh and Rest options make your life easier than you think. If your Windows 8 gets corrupted or slowed down due to bugs, you can always refresh or reset it. Refreshing does not remove any programs and keeps your documents and important files intact. Resetting your PC deletes everything on your system and refreshes your Windows 8.

Published: Thursday, November 7th, 2013 Last Modified: November 7, 2013

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