7 Custom Windows 7 Aero Themes (Free Download)

Some very nice custom Windows 7 aero themes. Free download after the break.

custom Windows 7 Aero themes for Free download

1. Momento Aero Visual Style for Windows 7

Loving this clean looking Aero theme.

Old Momento VS Theme
Download Momento VS | Mirror

2. Tanzo7 Aero Theme Free Download

Dark Windows 7 theme with very small elegant Start orb, taskbar and greyish shell. One of the best custom Windows 7 Aero Themes on DA

Old Tanzo7 Theme
Download Tanzo7 | Mirror

3. Minimalistic Windows 7 Aero Theme – Square Corners, No Glare

Based on Windows 7 Aero theme. Corners squared – no rounded corners! No glare – very clear Windows 7 taskbar theme

Old Seven Squared - A Windows 7 VS Theme
Download  Seven Squared – A Windows 7 VS | Mirror

4. Windows 7 Visual Style Called VentZerO

Beautiful dark Aero Windows 7 theme

Old VentZer0.11 Theme RC 1.0 Theme
Download VentZer0.11 Theme RC 1.0 | Mirror

5. Vienna Experience 6.2 Windows 7 Aero Theme

Vienna Experience 6.2 has a very clean look. This Windows 7 theme works great with some rainmeter themes.

Old Vienna Experience 6.2 Theme
Download Vienna Experience 6.2 | Mirror

7. CleanX7 Beta 1

Beta version of CleanX7. Cool theme, should be final by now

Old CleanX7 Beta 1 Theme
Download CleanX7 Beta 1 | Mirror

We are on the lookout for more cool Windows 7 aero themes and will post more shell themes regularly, so stay tuned for more themes!

Published: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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