7 Awesome Windows 7 Aero Themes

You can’t live without Aero? Then download all 7 of these awesome Windows 7 aero themes. TOP themes! Truly awesome and outstanding Aero effects.

Awesome Windows 7 Aero Themes

Awesome Grey Aero Theme for Windows 7

Looking for some awesome grey theme with colorful highlights here and there? One of the most awesome Windows 7 themes around.
Dark Dust_Theme_for_Win7_x64_Beta_by_giannisgx89 Theme
Download Awesome Grey | Mirror

Awesome Elune Aero Themes for Windows 7

Elune is another one awesome theme that fully customizes Windows 7 and is simply a clean theme that makes Windows 7 so much more beautiful. Awesome job!
Dark elune_by_minhtrimatrix-d3aormg Theme
Download Awesome Elune | Mirror

Leopard Inspirat Windows 7 Aero Themes

Leopard Inspirat is a great Mac theme for Windows 7 with Aero effects. Basically combines two world. If you’re looking for an awesome Mac desktop experience, give it a try.
Dark LeopardInspirat__Final___by_caeszer Theme
Download Awesome Mac Inspired Aero Theme | Mirror

Modified Aero Themes for Windows 7

A simple Aero theme for Windows 7 that slightly modifies the original Windows 7 Aero theme:
Dark Modified_Aero_for_Windows_7_by_warulez Theme
Download Simple Aero Theme | Mirror

Awesome Windows 7 Themes: Office 2010 Dark

Oi! Another awesome Aero theme is Office 2010. If you like clean Windows 7 themes, this is for you:
Dark Office_2010_vs_RC_by_yacine29 Theme
Download Awesome Office Aero Theme | Mirror

Pixie Dust Girly Windows 7 Aero Theme

You like extravagant Windows 7 themes? Like 100% purple Aero themes? Then try Pixie Dust.
Dark Pixie_Dust_by_MrGRiM01 Theme
Download Full Purple Aero Theme | Mirror

White Line Awesome Aero Desktop for Windows 7

Another awesome theme for Windows 7: White Line
Dark White_Line_Beta_4_by_seahorsepip Theme
Download Awesome Simplicity White Line | Mirror

Found any other awesome Windows 7 themes that are clearly outstanding? Let us know!

Published: Thursday, July 7th, 2011 Last Modified: July 7, 2011

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