6 More Windows 7 Themes: Tech, Vaio, Umbrella Corp, Sin City, Glados, Underwater

Here are 6 more Windows 7 themes! Topics: Tech, Vaio, Umbrella Corp, Sin City, Glados (Portal) & Underwater. Hopefully, you’re interested in any of the topics.

More Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Tech Theme: For More Useful Technology

There’s more and more new technology popping up every day. Technology like the iPad or new smart phones.. but does it really make our lives easier?

Download Tech Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Vaio Theme: For More Innovation

Sony’s brand Vaio (originally:Video Audio Integrated Operation, now: Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer) is mostly know for high-quality notebooks nowadays shipped with Windows 7. A good reason to create a theme dedicated to Vaio:

Download Vaio Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Umbrella Corp Theme: For More Power

Umbrella is the fictional bio-tech corporation in Resident Evil that created the T-Virus. Luckily for us, there are no corporations in real life that you can compare with Umbrella .. yet.

Download Umbrella Corp Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Underwater Theme: For More Exploration

There’s so much more to explore down there!

Download Underwater Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Sin City Theme: For More Sins

One of the most popular movies is getting a sequel with even more sins. Sin City 2 is scheduled for 2012.

Download Sin City Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Glados Theme: For More Robots With Feelings

Portal 2 is coming soon with more crazy puzzles and co-op action! Awesome.

Download Glados Windows 7 Theme

Published: Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 Last Modified: October 6, 2010

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