6 Cool Free Windows 7 Themes

Are you looking for some cool free Windows 7 themes? Download 10 of the best visual styles for Windows 7 after the break!

7 Cool Free Windows 7 Themes

Cool Color Theme for Windows 7 (Final, Beta, V2)

A very cool free theme for Windows 7 with a completely new shell design is “Color” created by dvkndn. See beta version below for comparison. This theme has a very fine white shell and a completely new Windows 7 taskbar. If you want your PC too look very, very awesome, give it a try. Top theme!
Dark Color_COOL_FINAL_Version_by_dvkndn Theme
Download Cool Color| Mirror

Just for comparison here’s the beta version of the Windows 7 theme listed above.
Dark Color_COOL_for_windows_7_by_dvkndn Theme
Download Cool Color | Mirror

Cool Greyish Windows 7 Theme With Sexy Wallpaper

A sexy greyish Windows 7 theme. Thank you for this cool theme!

Dark Dark_Pearl_VS_for_Windows_7_by_MorpheusNS Theme
Download Sexy Grey | Mirror

Cool Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7

A special version of a theme inspired by Mac OS X. Some very cool Mac themes can also be download here
Dark Innocent_by_cu88 Theme
Download Cool Aero Mac Theme | Mirror

Very Cool Longhorn Multicolor Windows 7 Theme

You only want the download the coolest Windows 7 themes? Give this theme a try, it will come with multiple colors. If you want to truly customize your Windows 7 desktop, then you definitely need this theme.
Dark Longhorn_Multicolour_by_Sphynx71 Theme
Download Longhorn Multicolor | Mirror

Coolest Windows 7 Themes: “Ultimate” Theme

This theme is based on Windows 7 Aero theme. One of the coolest Windows 7 themes you can download right now at DeviantArt. Multiple hover effects, nice darkish shell, new Start orb.
Dark Ultimate_For_Windows_7_Basic_by_MediaMyself Theme
Download Dark Cool | Mirror


Know of more very cool Windows 7 themes? Post the themes below. We’ll feature you on the site!

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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