5th Cell’s Hybrid Shooter Ditches Movement for … Nothing

Hybrid Fps Without Movement

Prepare to be without movement in a first-person shooter called Hybrid developed by 5th Cell. Sounds good, right?

Ever thought of playing a first-person shooter without movement? Here’s the chance to do so

5th Cell – the makers of Scribblenauts, the game where players can spawn items and solve puzzles, only limited by their imagination – have released a video detailing mechanics on its upcoming shooter, Hybrid. Surprisingly, the game’s big feature is removing movement. In a way.

The game comes out on XBLA. The team said they wanted to do something different from the norm in the FPS market, while remaining similar to other titles. Instead of controlling movement specifically, pressing A while focusing on cover takes players there while B retreats. When moving to cover, the left stick moves the character around on the path towards cover. Players can also strafe while under cover, like in Gears of War, and change direction mid-flight so players aren’t committed to a direction. In the trailer this looks pretty sketchy; I can see the controls becoming very frustrating, when you accidentally target one cover and have to press a button to move to another.

There is also upside down cover. Players can of course shoot players from behind cover, and kill times seemed to be quite short.

Killstreaks, dynamic classes

Killstreaks are also in, which look hard to get because kills happen so quickly. Getting one kill gets a Stalker, which shoots where the player shoots. Three kills gets a Warbringer, which is a heavy artillery drone which causes damage. Five kills gets the final kill streak – the Preyon. Preyon targets a specific enemy and kills him or her, unless the player nabs the kill first.

There’s also no class-based system. Players can pair any weapon and ability, such as a double barreled shotgun and a teleport ability so players can drop right on them. This seemed the differentiating element, adding unpredictable gameplay styles that are always changing.

Whether the game can sustain a long-term community is another question, because XBLA has been a wasteland for shooters. With Call of Duty titles coming out every year, a likely alternating schedule between Medal of Honor and Battlefield, and Halo of course, the established options are there for players switching.

Hybrid releases this summer on Xbox Live Arcade.


Published: Thursday, April 26th, 2012 Last Modified: April 26, 2012

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