50GB Mailboxes Roll Out For Exchange Online and Office 365 Users

Just as of this week, Microsoft announced that they were improving the mailbox size of users of Office 365, but on Friday, the storage spaces increased even further. Inboxes for the Exchange Online and Office 365 users will be increasing to 50GB over the next few months.

The new 50GB storage space per user, should be rolled out over the next few months, and should be completed by November. There will be no additional charges for the increased storage space, and competes directly with Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage companies.


Available For Only Certain Subscribers

The move to increase the Exchange Online and Office 365 mailboxes only applies to those on the Exchange Online Plan 1, Office 365 Small Business, Midsize Business, Enterprise E1, Government G1, and Education A1 plans. This move is geared towards enterprise and business customers at first glance, and should make business users excited to use the service.

Premium Plans Going To 50GB

Along with the other bumps in storage space, customers on the premium plans will see their default primary mailbox jump to 50GB as well. They still have unlimited email storage in the past, and wil see the default mailbox jumps. Those on the Exchange Online Plan 2, Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4, Government G3 and G4, Education A3 and A4 plans will see it roll out.

Shared Mailboxes Increasing

If that wasn’t enough, shared mailboxes will also be expanding to 10GB, up from the earlier default 5GB. Earlier users of Office 365 Kiosk will see their mailboxes go from 1GB to 2GB too. This matches all the bumps that Microsoft has done this week with all of their storage tiers and should make most users happy.

This move to bump enterprise and business storage tiers matches earlier moves by Microsoft. This week, Microsoft jumped file storage to Office 365 and SharePoint customers from 7GB to 25GB, and needs to compete with other companies for the business and enterprise storage space. This move to give larger mailboxes to customers will allow for greater storage, larger mailboxes, and greater attachment sizes for emails for customers. This should please most business customers and keep them on Office 365.

Published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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