5 Windows 7 Alien Themes: Alien Tech And 5 General Styles

Windows 7 Alien Themes_ll Did the aliens land yet? Here are 5 incredible Windows 7 Alien themes and 5 general themes. If you like the more futuristic design with rather special color schemes, you’ll definitely want to download the following themes!

If you like themes that are inspired by Alien tech, you should also make sure to check out our Iron Man Jarvis 3D Themes as well as our Alienware inspired Skins

1. Alien Tech: “Green” Theme

Windows 7 Themes Alien Tech green
Download Alien Tech Green | Mirror

2. Alien Tech “Red”

windows 7 themes alien tech red color
Download Alien Tech Red color | Mirror

3. Alien Tech “Yellow” Theme

windows 7 themes Yellow alien tech
Download Yellow Alien tech | Mirror

4. Alien Tech: “Yellow-black”

windows 7 theme yellow black
Download Yellow Black | Mirror

5. Alien Tech “Blue Glass” Theme

windows 7 theme blue glass(alien tech)
Download  Blue Glass | Mirror

6. Space Blueberries

Space Blueberries
Download Space Blueberries | Mirror

7. Asethetic Groove

Asethetic Groove
Download Asethetic Groove | Mirror


Download CLRS VS | Mirror

9. AMANA Visual Style: Simple Black Theme

Download AMANA VS | Mirror

10. Memento Visual Style

Last but not least here is a project of visual style that is well worth checking out

Memento VS
Download Memento VS | Mirror

Published: Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 Last Modified: June 4, 2013

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