5 Ways Windows 9 Can Avoid Being Another Flop

Windows 8 has not quite worked out like Microsoft would have wanted it to.Here are some ways they can ensure Windows 9 will work out better.

1. Windows 9 Must Avoid Segmantation

By this we mean that Windows 9 must avoid the jarring integration system currently in place that caters for both touch and traditional desktop users. The idea to create one all-round operating system was good, but it needs to be implemented far better as it currently feels like selecting between two entirely different operating systems altogether.

2. Windows 9 Must Cater Primarily For Keyboard/Mouse Users

There is nothing wrong with catering for touchscreen devices but Microsoft must realise that the vast, vast majority of those who use operating systems do so with a keyboard and mouse. For many consumers Windows 8 appeared to be simply Windows 7 with with a Touch UI.


3. Windows 9 Should Stay Through To Its Strengths

One of the main reasons that many choose to use Microsoft Windows operating system is the greater freedom allowed to install software and customise to your hearts content. Microsoft must remember that they are not Apple, and this is not a Mac or a closed system. They must be careful with their methods of promoting/enforcing their services, such as Sky-Drive and Bing and avoid becoming a poor imitation of the Mac OS.


Windows 9 Must Intergrate Better With Other Devices

The new interface behind Windows 8, was meant to herald a new change for the operating system to cater for more device users. In reality, most people will be using smart phones ahead of any touchscreen laptops at this stage and Microsoft clearly trail behind Apple and Google platforms in this area. The Xbox One certainly provides a lot of potential and Microsoft should be really making sure that they integrate their next OS well with their flagship council. A quick glance over at Sony and you will see that they are looking to stream PS4 content on the PlayStation Vita the too distant future.

5. Windows 9 Must Deliver


Windows 9 must deliver. Simple as. We all know the cycle at this stage. Microsoft tend to release an operating system that does not quite live up to expectations before subsequently upgrading it. Windows XP was a immeasurably improved by Windows XP SP 2, as was Vista by Windows 7. Microsoft’s minor upgrades to the existing Windows 8 operating system rectified some issues but Windows 9 is vital to the company in the face of competition from Google and Apple.

Published: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 Last Modified: January 21, 2014

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