5 Reasons To Upgrade to Windows 8.1

As Windows 8.1 has been available on the virtual and retail shelves for about a week, Microsoft on its main blog detailed a number of reasons that consumer would want to upgrade to Windows 8.1. The reasons to choose the new operating system point to an operating system worth upgrading to,

The range of updates for users when upgrading to Windows 8.1 are both for search, general usage, and for all types of computing. By listing the reasons to upgrade, Microsoft is giving users more and more reasons to choose Windows 8.1 over the Mac OS and other computer systems.

Microsoft Highlights Windows 8.1 Changes

1-2 Bing Smart Search and Multitasking With A Store

One of the biggest updates to Windows 8.1 as pointed out by Microsoft is the inclusion of the Bing Smart Search. By leveraging the Bing search engine, users can find what they want from wherever they want it. The cross operating ability for Windows 8.1 to find data from all over the computer makes it much easier for consumers to find what they want quickly.

Additionally, the ability to change screen sizes relative to each other makes it easier to do more than one thing. Microsoft describes it as the ability to chat while gaming, shop while watching, and more. With the new screen sizes, the new Windows Store has been completely redesigned to give users an easier way to find their apps and purchases. Personalized recommendations are also included.

Windows 8.1 Shows Users More Controls and Storage Space Options

3-5 Choices, Easier Typing and SkyDrive

With those changes, the return of more tile sizes on the start screen along with the return of the Start button is great cosmetically for consumers. It gives them what they were missing from Windows 8, and should satisfy the critics of Windows 8. By bringing in a better way to touchscreen type of tablets, Microsoft gives consumers an easier and more responsive way to type.

But with all that data, Windows 8.1 needs a way to store that data, and the integration of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 is key. It saves automatically and backs up all data to the cloud without much intervention from the user. For touchscreen users, the new Internet Explorer 11 will give touch screen controls to users, and a lock screen gives consumers ways to display photos on their lock screen.

Microsoft is going all out to showcase Windows 8.1, and by detailing the changes in its post, it makes Windows 8.1 a great item to pick up today.

Published: Friday, October 25th, 2013 Last Modified: October 25, 2013

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