5 Pros of Windows 8: Speed, Nex-Gen Gaming And Apps

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We covered what we think Windows 8 isn’t doing right, and now it’s time to cover what we like about the operating system.

Windows 8 is going to cause controversy, though it has a few good points

I’m definitely excited about Windows 8, mainly because it’s unproven. So despite not being proven, what are feature we’re excited about?

1. A New Kind Of App Development

Look, iOS and Android have — fundamentally — the same style of apps. They’re represented through circular icons that are arranged in a grid, at least by default when we’re talking about Android. Modern II, formerly Metro, is a little different. Apps are represented through tiles, rectangular on Windows 8, and primarily focus on the app’s experience when running. Take Internet Explorer 10, for example: it removes the search bar when not in use.

2. Faster Than Windows 7

Yes, Windows 8 is a super fast operating system. Just look at the boot time — it’s about two second so you’re sitting around for the couple of seconds Windows 8 is booting up doing nothing.

3. Desktop Still Exists

There will be times where using Modern UI just doesn’t cut the producitivity we need. So then the desktop environments is used, with an almost-identical Windows 7 experience. The only difference is the lack of a start orb/button; instead, hovering the mouse in bottom left-jand corner will shown a thumbnail of your Modern UI start screen.

Refinement Across Operating System

4. No Games for Windows Live

Games For Windows Live isn’t very good. Games just don’t run well, the Xbox Live integration is satisfactory, and it doesn’t look great. Games for Windows 8 changes that, bringing the New Xbox Experience. We’re also getting a store for games, and some — at least — will be playable on a Windows 8 device and the Xbox 360 (and presumably the next-generation Xbox). Providing your hardware is up to snuff.

It may also be a hint towards the experience we’re going to be getting in the new Xbox console, considering the refinements Microsoft is making annually with the dashboard.

5. A Cog In a Bigger Wheel

Microsoft wants to create an integrated ecosystem, and that’s done through the Modern UI across Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. That also means consistent app development.



Published: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 Last Modified: August 21, 2012

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