5 Of The Finest Windows 7 Themes For Movie Fans That Will Modify Your Windows 7 Shell

Windows 7 Themes For Movie Fans That Modify The Shell
You like movies? How about installing some Windows 7 themes that modify your shell and add elements of the movies to your desktop? Here is a list of 5 great desktop themes with new color schemes that also support Windows 7 Basic Mode.

The following themes are so called shell themes. Installing them requires some knowledge how Windows 7 works and how it handles file permissions when replacing system files. If you are new to installing themes on Windows 7, you can read our tutorial

Installing shell themes 


1. Windows 7 Theme: The Twilight Zone Final

The Windows 7 basic mode theme contains icons and a theme installer. This theme is for all fans of the Twilight Zone movie.

Movies Win7 The Twilight Zone Final Theme
Download Windows 7 The Twilight Zone Final | Mirror

2. Basic Mode Theme – Hellraiser

You like creepy Windows 7 themes? Get this basic mode theme including a toolbar, modified context menu shell, modified taskbar, a new Start menu and more.

Movies Win7 Basic Mode Theme - Hellraiser Theme
Download Windows 7 Basic Mode Theme – Hellraiser | Mirror

3. Basic Window 7 Movie Theme: Darth Vader With Basic Mode Support

You like Star Wars and rather simple Windows 7 themes? Try this theme that also

Movies Win7 Basic Mode Theme - Darth Vader Theme
Download Windows 7 Basic Mode Theme – Darth Vader | Mirror

4. Terra Nova Final Windows 7 Theme

This theme also supports Windows 7 Basic. It fully modifies your shell and color scheme. The light blue, grey color scheme works really well for this theme:

Movies Win7 Terra Nova Final Theme
Download Windows 7 Terra Nova Final | Mirror

5. Green Lantern Windows 7 Theme, Last Updated 1-14-2012

You’re into Green Lantern? Try this shell theme with a complete green shell, a new Start orb, nice wallpapers and more. One of the best Windows 7 shell themes for fans of the movie.

Movies W7 Green Lantern Updated 1-14-2012 Theme
Download Windows 7 Green Lantern Updated 1-14-2012 | Mirror


Let us know if you’re missing any cool basic mode themes on this list.

Published: Saturday, March 24th, 2012 Last Modified: March 24, 2012

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